Y-gen bypass pruner 200mm, max 20mm

Aluminum handles which give maximum Comfort without weary or creation of blisters

Rust-resistant, Low-friction coating which makes the cutting easier

Conveniently open with a special lock using thumb and hinder unaware fasten while operating

Ultra-Environmental friendly material

Clean and healthy for branches


Product Description

Y-Gen bypas pruner with maximal cut diameter of 20 mm. The blade is made of Japanese steel with Teflon coating, due to which the friction at cutting is reduced, which simplifies the work and further cleaning of the tool. The mechanism of the lock is conveniently opened, closed by one hand and prevents accidental closing of the lock during operation. Handles material – alluminium and TPR, non-removable. We use TPR plastic since this is ultramodern ecologicaly clean material received be the help of non-waste production technologies. This material is hygienic, soft, flexible, durable, non-porous, safe and clean. Has increased wear resistance.


Product Details

Item # 224-1-200
Item Weight (g) 210
Cutting capacity ¾ inches (20 mm)
Item Length 8 inches (200mm)
Packing quantity (pcs) 12
Blade material SK5 (58-60 HRC) made in Japan
Barcode 4744201010937


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