Flo bypass pruner 190 mm, max 18 mm

This sturdy cutter is precise for an accurate cut of flowers as well as trimming thin branches

Ergonomically designed handles make Flo bypass pruner the most comfortable garden tool

Japanese steel blades make this pruner rust-resistant and ultra-sharp

From its spring mechanism, it can be opened automatically, so it is very convenient and labor-saving

Our blade is coated with non-stick Teflon, which prevents the blade from gumming with sap or debris

Product Description 

The SK-5 blade on this shear has been carefully molded for optimal cutting and sharpened to perfection, so you can enjoy razor sharp cuts of up to 18mm in diameter. Prune your favorite plants, flowers, bushes, and hedges with ease – smoothly cut through stems, branches, roots, vines and more.


Product Details

Item # 226-1-190
Item Weight 165 g 
Cutting capacity 18 mm
Item Length 190 mm
Packing quantity  12 pcs
Blade material Japanese steel
Barcode 4744201012436


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