Sexy professional bypass pruner 200mm, max 20mm

Ergonomically shaped handles made of PP + TPR

Sharp Blades, Even after heavy use

Fully hardened, Precision-ground steel

Master Garden, Clean and healthy for branches

Automatically opens when compressed and conveniently close to a special Lock using thumb and hinder unaware fasten while operating.


Product Description 

Sexy professional bypass pruner is an ideal choice for pruning tasks. From its adjustable blade tension that gives the user a robust control over desired cutting force and precision. The imperishable material, reliable, built to last with hardened steel blades Shock, A protecting model of hands and wrists with a lightweight ergonomic handle and angled cutting head which reduces wrist fatigue and makes it easy to prune at awkward angles. With Sexy bypass pruner your garden became healthy and productive.


Product Details

Item # 222-1-200
Item Weight (g) 170
Cutting capacity ¾ inches (20mm)
Item Length 8 inches (200mm)
Packing quantity (pcs) 12
Blade material SK5 (58-60 HRC) made in Japan
Barcode 4744201010920


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