Crazy power saving ratchet pruner, 200mm, max 30mm

Suitable for both home gardeners or professionals

Handles are composed of Aluminum and TPR which prevents sliding

The ratchet mechanism allows you to make a clean cut by squeezing and releasing the handles

Ergonomically designed with strong non-slip handles, Lightweight and comfortable

Spare blades are easily obtainable.


Product Description 

Crazy ratchet pruner from its name is the solution for gripping hand due to its comfort, It’s finger loop makes it easy to hold the tool, And protect your fingers from scratches, Crazy ratchet pruner is built to last with hardened steel blades Shock, It is high-quality Aluminum and TPR. With Crazy ratchet pruner, your work will be magnificent, enjoyable and productive.


Product Details

Item # 221-1-200
Item Weight (g) 250
Cutting capacity 1 inch
Item Length 8 inches
Packing quantity (pcs) 12
Blade material SK5 (58-60 HRC) made in Japan
Barcode 4744201010906
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