Pruning saw 7 TPI with hard sheath-case, 300 mm

Great for gardening, camping, clearing trails, hiking and tree trimming

Handles are made of TPR and Plastic material that prevent sliding while cutting 

Very sharp, suitable for pruning task and outdoor work you might have in mind with smooth cutting

Long lasting blades with 7 teeth per inch

Easy for transport due to its comfortable hard case scabbard for safe storage


Product description 

Lightweight pruning saw in high-quality steel with an ergonomic handle for high comfort. Practical holster to fasten on your belt with a clip to effectively release the saw when not used. Cuts on the pull stroke. For cutting timber, plastic pipe, wallboard, trimming branches and general pruning, It is the best to be used. Resharpening is not necessary for normal use. It’s time to get the best saw from the best.


Product details

Item # 251-300-7
Item Weight 186 g 
Blade size 12”  (300 mm)
Item length 19” (482 mm)
Packing quantity  12 pcs
Blade material  SK5 Japanese steel(58-60 HRC) and Teflon coating.
Cutting Diameter  limitless
Barcode 4744201011903
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