Folding Pruning Saw 7 TPI, 180 mm

Great for vineyard care, camping or regular outdoor work

Handles are made of TPR and Plastic material that prevents sliding while cutting 

Precision-grinded, impulse-hardened teeth

Long lasting blades with 7 teeth per inch (7 TPI)

Spare Parts are easily obtainable, the clear plastic case for carrying on a belt is provided 


Product description 

180mm folding saw with 7 teeth per inch blade is perfect for pruning of live and dry branches with a diameter of 30 mm. Suitable for pruning task and outdoor project you might have in mind with smooth cutting.

The blade is made of high quality SK5 Japanese steel. Hardened tooth with triangular sharpening of the reverse direction. The cut surface is smooth and the edges are smooth, which contributes to the reliable overgrowth of new bark.

Folding saw 180mm securely and effortlessly locks in two different angle positions allowing you to cut quickly through green wood branches and small firewood. The tool has earned a reputation as the finest folding saw on the market. It is the best among both gardeners and woodworkers.


Product details

Item # 252-180-7
Item Weight  234 g
Blade size 7”  (180 mm)
Item length 15” (381 mm)
Packing quantity  12 pcs
Blade material  SK5 Japanese steel(58-60 HRC) and Teflon coating.
Cutting Diameter  limitless
Barcode 4744201011910
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