Pruning saw 9 TPI, (Tree Trimmer) 330 mm

Ergonomically designed with strong non-slip handles

Handles are made of TPR and Plastic material that prevents sliding while cutting 

Very sharp, Durable and efficient cutting action

Long lasting blades with 9 teeth per inch (9 TPI)

Does the job required quickly and precisely

Clear plastic storage case


Product description 

Pruning saw in case with ergonomic handle which safety fixed by two screws. Three-sided sharpening of a tooth of an opposite orientation facilitates work with branches to which it is necessary to reach. Hardening of teeth increases tool life. The tool is optimized for trimming from live and dry branches with a diameter of 30mm, which makes it ideal for cutting the garden.

Excellent pruning gardening saw with Japanese steel and perfect leverage on the trees and limbs at all angles. Expect a smooth clean cut every time using My Garden pruning saw. This pruning saw is built to last with hardened steel blades Shock and it has a sword saw specially designed for landscaping together with the developed toothing for pruning living wood which is extremely sharp and very aggressive for the fastest cut. Equipped with clear plastic storage case.


Product details

Item # 251-330
Item Weight 275 g
Blade size 12”  (330 mm)
Item length 19” (482 mm)
Packing quantity  12 pcs
Blade material  SK5 Japanese steel(58-60 HRC) and Teflon coating.
Cutting Diameter  limitless
Barcode 4744201011651
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