Curved Pruning Saw 7 TPI, 330 mm

  • Extremely sharp pull cut blade makes for quick and light pruning work
  • Handle made of TPR and Plastic material that prevents sliding while cutting
  • Safe storage and easy carry due to comfortable hard sheath-case with fastening to the belt
  • Long lasting blades with 7 teeth per inch (7 TPI)
  • Does the job required quickly and precisely. Spare parts are easily obtainable


Product description

This curved pruning saw by MyGarden is the saw of choice among the others. If you’re looking for maximum performance & efficiency this saw is for you. The tool is optimized for trimming from live and dry branches with a diameter of 30mm, which makes it ideal for cutting the garden.

The 330 mm long curved blade is made of SK5 high-quality Japanese steel. Hardened tooth with triangular sharpening of the reverse direction. The well-shaped blade provides greater cutting with less effort. Ergonomic handle which is safely fixed by two screws. Practical holster to fasten on your belt with a clip to effectively release the saw when not used.

For the clean cutting and much fun. Curved pruning saw is an exceptional choice for the garden, cutting timber, wallboard, trimming branches and general pruning.


Product details

Item # 253-330
Item Weight  254 g
Blade size 13”  (330 mm)
Item Length 20” (510 mm)
Packing quantity  12 pcs
Blade material SK5 Japanese steel(58-60 HRC) and Teflon coating.
Cutting Diameter  limitless
Barcode 4744201011934
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