Telescopic pole, 2500 mm

Telescopic pole extends your reach up to 8 feet

Ergonomically designed, Long and comfortable grips

Clean hard-to-reach areas inside and outside of 

      the home without a ladder

Ideal for cleaning, dusting and changing light bulbs

Twist joint lock for easily adjustable length


Product Description 


Telescopic Pole extends your reach by 8 feet to clean hard-to-reach areas of your home safely and easily without the use of a ladder. Ideal for cleaning, dusting, and changing light bulbs. useful for pole pruner, lightweight and Satisfaction Guaranteed.




Product Details 


Item # 233-2500
Item Weight (g) 1100
Item Length 4-8 feets
Packing quantity (pcs) 12
Barcode 4744201012207
Hand type  Steel





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