Flo fruit pruner 190 mm, max 18 mm

  • Ergonomically shaped handles made of Nylon and TPR for increased comfort and optimum
  • From its spring mechanism, it can be opened automatically, so it is very convenient and labor-saving
  • Blade angle mechanics design maximum shear diameter up to 18mm
  • The stainless steel design blade prevents rust, easy to clean and reduces bacterial build-up.e.
  • Widely used for gardening pruning, orchard picking, shearing of branches and more


Product Description

Flo fruit pruner 190mm high-quality stainless steel blades cut effortlessly through stems and stalks. The original design allows you to collect fruit and grapes more efficiently. A special clamp securely fixes the tail of the fruit, so there is no need to support it with your other hand. Comfortable ergonomic handles made of nylon and TPR are lightweight, so the hand is much less tired. This significantly increases the speed and convenience of harvesting. Robust, comfortable lock that opens and closes easily with one hand.


Product Details

Item # 226-3-190
Item Weight (g) 192
Cutting capacity 18mm
Item Length 190 mm
Packing quantity (pcs) 12
Blade material  Japanese steel
Barcode 4744201012467


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