Keeper 360 degree swivel grass shears

(ENG) Ideal for edging and trimming grasses and cleaning

      sidewalks and many more garden duties 

Smouth, clean cuts everytime used with sharp blades,

      fully hardened 

Soft comfort handle with a special grip that places

      and protect your hands from damaging 

Lightweight and durable handles made of TPR and

      conveniently open with a plastic sliding lock

6 inch blades cut all the way to the tip 



Product description 

My Garden Keeper Grass Shears include a patented mechanism that prevents the blades from jamming or sticking when you’re trimming back grass around garden beds, Along fence lines or around other obstacles and borders in your yard. The fully hardened, Precision-ground blades, 360-degree rotation grass shears for easy cut, Very sharp and much easier on the hand/wrist than some other shears since the handle moves up-down to make the blades go right-left instead of the blades being in line with the handle. They are great for trimming in tight places. Get yours now. 




Product details 


Item # 242-1-370
Item Weight  240 g
Item Length 14”  (370 mm)
Packing quantity  12 pcs
Blade material  SK5 Japanese steel(58-60 HRC) and Teflon coating.
Cutting Diameter  4 mm
Barcode 4744201011507
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