Cross beam laser level SKY-MARK 1V/1H-360-50, Green with adapter 149-AL

This essential tool in construction and repair work allows you to align objects with great accuracy. The level is easy, fast, and convenient to work alone. It is self-leveling and therefore does not need to check the accuracy of the lines. The impeccable quality of the South Korean Osram Lasers level will ensure the high accuracy of projection lines. The compact size allows you to always take it with you. With the use of a level, the result will be perfect.



Good features set this device apart from the competition. The following characteristics can be distinguished:

  • The device projects line 360 ° horizontally and 130 ° vertically, which speeds up the work of a specialist. Green rays are well perceived by the human eye, and therefore the visibility of the device is up to 45 m and up to 60 m with a detector. They work well in different working conditions outdoors or indoors.
  • The convenience of the device is achieved thanks to the function – self-alignment in automatic mode. The self-leveling angle of the level reaches 4 ° +/- 1 °, and the deviation is only 3 mm for every 10 m – and this is due to reliable and high-quality mechanical and optical components. And the time of self-alignment is only 3 seconds, and therefore the master does not need to take time off to check the accuracy of the projection lines.
  • Reliable operation of the level, up to 5 hours, provides batteries such as 4xAA. The main feature of the professional class is good protection of the case from dust and moisture – IP54. Laser levels work well in the range of -10 ° C to + 50 ° C.
  • The convenience of using this laser level increases the presence of an L-type 1/4 “adapter with powerful magnets, which allows you to attach it to the metal profile.
  • The level has a lightweight of 1.44 kg and a small size – this is an opportunity to always take it with you to work.
    It is completed with a level case which will help to avoid undesirable blows and will keep the appearance new. The device is well stored at a temperature from -20 ° C to 70 ° C.


Advantages of the level

MyTools has made this professional level 2 model. This model is based on the high-quality South Korean Osram Lasers and the availability of reliable mechanical components and high-quality optical components that allow you to work with maximum accuracy and without errors. The function is to conduct circular radiation at 360 ° laser level, make it cool among competitors, and make it easier to use. At the same time, the range of design of a visible beam reaches as much as 45 m, and the detector – 60 m. The special function of self-alignment minimizes the risk of an error and therefore the result turns out with high accuracy.


Target audience

Professionals have used it in all recorded works. It is often used in house building, architecture, interior design, road work, tiling and other jobs. Experts appreciate the level for its accuracy and reliability.

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